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After several years of plastics and metal fabrication experience, Mike Dekker put his knowledge to work and started Dekker Design in his garage in 1984.  Within two years, Dekker Design was located in 3,000 square feet with two employees in Chatsworth, California.  As the new company’s reputation grew, so did its business and, by 1994, Dekker Design occupied its present location in Chatsworth with 11,200 square feet and fourteen full-time employees. 


In 1995, Mike decided to expand the business into precision machining of plastic and metal materials.  Today, Dekker Design has two high-precision CNC vertical machining centers and one CNC lathe.  “We have state-of-the-art equipment for CNC machining,” says Mike, “including Virtual Gibbs CAD/CAM for design and programming.”  This precision CNC equipment lends even greater versatility to Dekker’s core business of plastics design and fabrication. 


Dekker Design today is an industry leader in custom designed and fabricated plastics.  Dekker specializes in point of purchase displays, award cases and custom fabricated components of all shapes and sizes.  You’ll find over twenty years of experience and innovation at Dekker Design.  “If you can imagine it, we can make it,” says Mike Dekker.  “We’ve built products ranging from hair care product displays to NASA space flight hardware.  We have the experience and the expertise to build just about anything.” 


Most important of all is Dekker Design’s total commitment to quality and value.  You’ll find Dekker’s prices extremely competitive, and you’ll get your products on time, every time.  From vacuum forming and heat bending to flame polishing and restoration, Dekker Design is the first and only choice for high-quality metal and plastic fabrication at affordable prices.  Put the Dekker Design team to work for you today.  Call for a free consultation and price quotation.   


Mike dekker


Dekker design started in 1986.   


Mike was a welder at Rocketdyne – worked at gem-o-lite in 1980 cutting and fabrication plastics – two years – worked at Rocketdyne – left because of aerospace cutbacks – started in a garage in 1984 doing plastics jobs for miscellaneous customers (did whatever it took) – started Dekker design in 1500 square feet in Chatsworth, working by himself for one year.  expanded into 3000 square feet and two employees – business expanded and word got around.  one mill and two table saws and support equipment (buffers, etc).    


1991 moved into 5500 square feet, (next door to lake) four employees, more customers – 1994 moved into 11, 200 square feet with 6 employees.  now have 14 employees.  


CNC bought 2040 Fadal in 1995 – Haas in 1996.  bought machine to make parts for a customer – thousands of lenses.  second Fadal in 2000 – again for a customer that needed it.  


Last year's sales $1,600,000.  sales in 1995 800,000 – 100,000 per year in 3,000 square feet.    


Specialties are designing displays for customer needs, using experience for creative ideas – attuned to customer requirements – uses creative abilities and years of experience to enhance customer ideas.    


Dekker has the ability to do custom, precision machining using metal.  mike wants to promote his precision machining abilities – doing precision machining since 1995.    


Dull fabrication of plastics, cutting forming – does prototype through production for customers.    


Always striving for growth and increased performance for customers – efficiency and customer service – customer service – quick turn around – very in tune to customer needs.  steady growth.    


Of the 14 people, 4 are craftsman, rest are workers.    


Mike will buy equipment to support customers needs – has always done this.  not afraid of investment in machines to support customers. 

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