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Dekker Design plastic fabrication is the only manufacturer that produces custom windshields for boats, motorcycles, or any recreational vehicle. We love sitting down with our clients and hearing their visions of what they'd like their products to look like.

With the use of Dekker Design’s machines, uncanny ability, and workforce, we make sure to deliver, making your dream a reality!

We work diligently and precisely on any project thrown our way!

Windscreens for motorcycles are one of Dekker Design’s many specialties. We’ll have you riding out on the open road in protected quality products that will set you apart from everyone else. We love riding out on the open road and know it can get messy and restless. If you're out in the desert or by the beach in the dunes, don't let the sand, rocks, mud, or debris ruin your good time!

Dekker designs produce windscreens for every model and manufacturer, including Harley Davidson, Suzuki, and Honda.

We can also custom-make windshields for recreational vehicles (i.e., Can-Ams, Razors, or even your ATVs). Dekker can also replace any windshield for any ski, speed, or bass boat. We design custom windshields to customer specifications to save you from a wet, windy, or wild ride.

Customizing our windshields to fit any dimension you may choose for your water vehicle is no problem. You may want to let air in on specific areas and block it off in others, or you might want to let the light hit in one place and completely block it off in the other. Whatever your choice, we ensure a fantastic finish that will exceed expectations.

It's well known that windshields withstand much wear and tear, so we use the best quality material and make sure it's able to overcome a significant amount of vibration while keeping its fantastic quality, making your experience that much more of an adventure while putting your safety first!

Let Dekker Design custom-fit your boat, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle with a top-quality windshield or windscreen.

Contact us for a free custom quote, and let's make your vision become your reality!

You can contact the Dekker Design shop, located in Chatsworth, California, today by calling 818.718.2023

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