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Everyone takes great pride in awards that are won throughout their lifetime, whether from a sport, academic recognition, or any significant acknowledgment. All your hard work deserves to be displayed and acknowledged by those around you.

Why not protect and display your valuable collectibles and art objects in a custom-designed, museum-quality display case?

It is important to remember to keep your valuables away from sunlight, extreme radiation, and dust to delay any aging further!

Here at Dekker Design plastic fabrication, we can make that happen! Whether it be for a school, home, or to spice up your office space while sitting stylishly. Dekker Design will customize, design, and fabricate a quality enclosure to your specifications using a vast array of plastic, acrylic, and metallic materials.

Make your collectibles go from just sitting on a shelf to being beautifully exposed and highlighted in the efficient way they should be! Allowing your valuables to not only sit safely but also be put on full display for any visitor or company to acknowledge your accomplishments, hard work, and sacrifices!

We can make our display cases for any need: from collectible plates to surfboards. These valuable items will look great and last longer when housed in a beautiful, custom-built acrylic case.

The display cases can arrange from any height and width. All display cases can be customized to fit various products and stylized to match wherever you have in mind to display them. We can work with any size and shape.

We also have the option of adding shelving to whatever your preference may be. We can free-stand your case or discuss the possibility of mounting. Some display cases might even go well with extra illuminating lights that will highlight your valuables on another level! A lock-in option might also be included depending on the valuables you choose to store.

We will work to make any idea you have in mind so that your valuables can be presented and come to light! Let Dekker Designs show you how to keep your valuables safe while you get to flaunt them all at the same time.

You can contact the Dekker Design shop in Chatsworth, California, today by calling 818.718.2023. Call for a free design consultation and estimate. Let Dekker Design bring your vision to life!

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